Friday, August 26, 2011

Yikes, a swarm of robots!

(Via Let's Make Robots!)

I think calling this relatively small group of robots called Swarmanoid a "swarm" may be a little exaggerated (although they are planning to extend the swarm size to about 60 'bots total), but this is nevertheless one of the coolest robot projects I've seen lately:

The Swarmanoid has been developed in a Future and Emerging Technologies project funded by the European Comission and coordinated by prof. Marco Dorigo.

I too should perhaps someday look into co-operation of two or more robots. The climbing capability of the handbot is also cool, and the robots seem to use navigational aids embedded in the environment in a clever way. Notice the red color on some of the surfaces of the bookshelf used by the handbot for guidance when climbing. Members of the swarm also act as temporary navigational landmarks for each other.

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