Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Household tags to aid robots

I'm back at work this week, so progress on the robot project will probably slow down a bit. Meanwhile, I'll at least try to post some general robotics-related stuff.

Automaton has a rather interesting article about making our homes more robot-friendly. As progress in computer vision is slow, why wouldn't we embed tags in our homes that assist household robots in their tasks? Using these tags robots could keep track of their location and recognize objects they are supposed to manipulate.

The idea isn't new and it has actually been applied before. I too have thought of someday using RFID or NFC tags to help my robots recognize objects and locations. There are also commercial robot indoor navigation sensor systems like the Hagisonic Stargazer that are based on fixing landmarks to the ceiling. Nevertheless, the concept is interesting and could help make genuinely useful household robots reality.

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