Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Robot platform videos

I found video reviews of the Traxster II and Lynxmotion 4WD1 robot platforms I mentioned in my earlier post:

The Lynxmotion 4WD1 looks awesome, but the lack of support for shaft encoders keeps bothering me, as I don't think that my optical encoders would work with these wheels. The chassis is available without motors or wheels, so I could purchase motors that have rear shafts for connecting encoders separately, but the total price would be higher, especially as I couldn't get everything I need from a single source inside the European Union. Ordering directly from Lynxmotion is out of the question, because they don't accept international credit cards.

The Traxster II is a bit smaller than I imagined and it does not have a bottom plate. But it does have built-in encoders and is therefore significantly cheaper than the 4WD1 when considering total price with all the parts I need.

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